3 Basic Tools for the DIY Gardener

Don’t get inundated with the variety of gardening tools out there on the market.

If you just want to keep up the day-to-day of your yard so that the neighbors don’t complain, it can be surprisingly simple to achieve.

The first basic tool is a pair of hedge clippers.

Hedge clippers go a long way when it comes to the odd pruning job around the garden – their uses range from keeping that unruly hedged trimmed back to de-pruning those stubborn roses that just won’t grow in the cooler months.

The second basic tool to bear in mind when maintaining the yard is a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is another outdoor tool that has a surprising amount of uses. From the standard handiness of transporting mulch, mud, brick or even flowers from one side of your property to the other, to its use as a dolly for heavier items and even turning it into a mud pit for the kids to play in, the wheelbarrow will surprise you with its usefulness. Check out the list from Wheel That for an extensive and comprehensive look into what makes a good wheelbarrow.

The third and final necessary tool to invest in when becoming a DIY handyman is the humble spade.

The spade is a great compact, simplified version of a shovel, and while there are jobs that require a shovel exclusively, a lot of the time a spade will suffice. A spade is ideal for digging, just like a shovel, but also has a sharp edge, which makes it useful for slicing through roots and weeds. Because it is much smaller than a shovel, it is a lot easier to store when you’re not using it, and allows you to have greater control.

The range of helpful and practical gardening tools out there are seemingly endless, and in this world of online shopping, it can get a bit overwhelming picking out the best products. Factors like durability, practicality, and simplicity are all included in the thought process of an amateur gardener, so it’s better when setting out on that long-awaited yard work to be armed with only the tools you need, which might not necessarily be the ones that look cool either. Go for the ones that will last the mile, and make your life a whole lot easier as well.