Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS Slow Cooker Review

Crock Pot has created a variety of crock pots, or slow cookers, to help ease the burden of standing over a stove for hours to create the perfect stew, or waiting for the water to boil so you can soften your vegetables. Instead, you can put everything into one pot and let it cook throughout the day, without having to worry about it burning the house down. This Crock-Pot unit should definitely be an option when considering to purchase a slow cooker for any home.


The SCVT650-PS has a bunch of great features that often get overlooked such as the automatic shift that it does to “warming” after cook time has completed. These features, compared to other slow cookers, can be amazing if used right and they are operating correctly. The touchscreen allows for easy use, without the worry of breaking any buttons. The control panel that sits in front of the crockpot has seven “buttons,” a time display, a “keep warm” indicator, and a cooking indicator. The stainless steel allows the crock pot to be shiny and fit into any type of kitchen theme.

The Pros of this Crockpot

It is stainless steel making it easy to wipe off with a soft cloth for cleaning. Many of the consumers who have purchased the Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS have complimented the way the settings actually function as they are intended to. The low, does not boil, but simmer food, and the high does not switch to low after a certain amount of hours on high. Consumers have also commented on the sleek design of this unit and how wonderful the food that is cooked in it tastes. The price compared to other crock pots that have the same features are in the hundreds of dollars, whereas this product is under $100.

The Cons of this Crockpot

Thousands of products are considered defective throughout the year and crock pots are no exception. Some consumers have found that the programmable display is difficult to read if not at eye level. They have also noted that often one or more of the lights on the display will not be operating. This pad is attached to the crock pot via glue, as one consumer mentioned in a review. As with a lot of slow cookers, consumers are also finding that the unit itself heats up way too fast, and the exterior becomes extremely hot.

At the End of the Day…

The SCVT650-PS is considered a bargain at under $100. A crock pot can be a great investment for future meal planning and time saving. This specific crock pot can also keep up with how long you want it to cook, making it a great option when choosing to purchase a slow cooker, or crock pot. For more information pertaining to this crock pot or other reviews for various other slow cookers, check out, where you can find tons of great buys and learn what you need to know to make sure you’re not purchasing a dud.