How to Grow your Instagram and Get More Followersc

The fast pace of life today has changed things considerably. People no longer rely on mainstream media to pass information or to know what is happening around the world. Marketers as well, have found better ways and better platforms where they can reach a large audience much quicker and at a lesser cost. We are living in the era where social media has taken over the world, literally. One of the most popular and the most used social media platform is Instagram. However, even on Instagram, the number of followers you have is a big deal. Your following underscores your popularity and your influence. So how do you improve your following on Instagram and become an influencer yourself?  Just read on to learn how you can get more visibility and grow your account, one follower after another.

Have a strategy

To have meaningful success on Instagram, you need to have a game plan. First of all, know your niche and focus on promoting it. If you decide to juggle multiple or different ideas, you will end up not knowing what works and what doesn’t. In simpler terms, you cannot sell bullets in a bookstore.


Once you have settled on a specific niche, you need to post new content more frequently. An active account symbolizes seriousness and people love to see new content every other time. Also, there is a high likelihood of your posts getting noticed by appearing at the top of the timeline, the more they get shared and or pick up good engagement.

Avoid being repetitive

To avoid posting the same type of content over and over again, you can have a different theme for each day to keep ideas flowing and fresh.  For instance, you can have tips Monday where you post helpful tips or a healthy Tuesday where you share important health advice. Having a daily theme adds variety to your content which in turn attracts more people to view your content.


There is an upward surge in the popularity of video content with almost 80% of internet traffic expected to come from videos by 2019. Videos tend to be more engaging and are viewed and shared more times than photos. Hence, always post videos in between the snaps or even an Instagram story to give your followers a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags give you a great opportunity to get your posts seen by people who do not follow you. What a better way to reach out to potential new followers. Even so, you need to carefully choose your hashtags if you want to attract more viewers. You can either search for the trending hashtags in your niche or use branded hashtags which connect you to an already existing audience.

Overall, there is no denying that Instagram is fun, visual, and more engaging than other platforms. However, succeeding on Instagram requires more than just posting photos every other day. The guidelines outlined above should help you to kick start your account growth and get more followers.