How to Take Care of Plants When You’re Busy

If you can have plants around you without allergy problems, you’re fortunate.  Plants are beautiful to view, have many health benefits, and are great company for some. Just like having pets or any live beings around, you’ll need to take good care of them. If you’re busy or travel a lot, you’re probably trying to come up with a plan to give plants the love and attention they need. Here are a few tips for how to maintain your plants and keep your busy schedule.

Be Careful with Relying on Friends

It’s not as often anymore that you can rely on neighbors to water plants while you’re away. Even if you can, you’ll probably need to let other nosy neighbors know, so your helper doesn’t get approached by police. Some regular friends might even let you down with taking care of your plants. They may not see it as a big deal or have busy lives of their own. If you have someone reliable and trustworthy, it may still work to have a friend check in. Just have a backup plan in place too.

Proper Lighting is a Must

Light is a top priority for plants. Water and light are how plants go through the process of getting nutrients. Outside plants are naturally able to get proper lighting in the right climate. You’ll know what plants to have in which climate if you’ve done your research. For inside plants, you’ll have to pay closer attention to make sure they have enough light. Take time to open you curtains or blinds throughout the day to let light come in.

If you’ll be gone for a while, you can leave the blinds slightly open to let some light in gradually. Make sure the plant is positioned at a place in your home to get the right amount of sunlight during daytime hours. If you have concerns that people can view the inside of your home from open blinds, you will need to use artificial lighting. Lucky for you, there are some lighting solutions specifically designed to grow plants indoors like the Besides the lighting, it has some other cool features specifically designed to groom plants.

Give your Plants Enough Water When You Can

You would normally have a schedule to make sure the plants get enough water each day. If you’re not going to be around as often, you will need to be creative.  For inside plants, you should keep the soil as saturated as possible while you’re gone. Water the plant as much as you can, but don’t overdo it. When the air bubbles stop, it means you’ve saturated the roots and you can stop watering.

For outside plants, you can buy a watering system or make your own. There are several DIY watering systems you can create. For inside plants, you have a few techniques to make sure your plants survive with the water you give them before you take off. Place a shallow bowl or container under your plant with water in it so the plant will soak it up. You can also purchase a self-watering container or polymer crystals that will ration the water to the plant overtime.

A Few Other Helpful Plant Care Tips

Check to make sure the humidity in your home is right for the plants you have. If you normally need to adjust, you should have a system if you leave for more than a few days. You have a few options for creating the right humidity for your plants too. Use a DIY method by placing your plant in a lightweight container and creating a slightly moist environment around it.

Placing pebbles in the water tray under the plant will keep the area humid for a couple of weeks. Or you can skip all that and just place a humidifier in the area where you set your plants. Just know that this method will cause a rise in your power bill. Make sure your humidifier has settings to automatically turn on and shut off as needed.

Low Maintenance Plant Options

If you’re expecting to be on the go more often than average, consider getting a low maintenance plant. Succulents, cacti, and iris are good options if you don’t want to give your plants much care. You’ll still need to give them a little of the bare necessities like water, sunlight, and soil.  You just might not have to do it as often. These plants are ideal if you’re a frequent traveler or lazy gardener.

Your love for plants doesn’t have to end just because you have other hobbies and responsibilities in your life. You can have the best of both worlds. Just take time to plan a schedule, stay organized, and be a little innovative. Taking advantage of gardening inventions and DIYs will help your plants grow and stay healthy even during busy times in your life.