Become an Electric God with Ibanez GIO [Review]


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so you need to START big. Big sound. Big style. Big inspiration. Big price? No, but we’ll get to that later. For now, understand that what you’re looking to do is find an electric guitar which produces the sound that you’ve heard other musicians making – sound that works to complement your idea of how your favorite kind of music ought to be played. Whatever your preferred musical style or genre, you need an electric guitar that sounds right to you. The Ibanez GIO electric guitar is more than capable of being that instrument.

I’m Not Gonna Pay a Lot for This Ibanex GIO

Economically priced electric guitars often suffer from the same drawback – which many enthusiasts argue is acceptable, given the price. They often have difficulties with their bridges, requiring a certain amount of money and effort to fix. The Ibanez GIO has a permanently attached bridge, and has proven remarkably resistant to this particular setback. This is just one of its many features which showcases the care and design quality put into the instrument by its designer… and by the artisans who build it.

The Feeling of an Ibanez GIO

The Ibanez GIO is crafted of mahogany, with a dark finish for that soul-filled authenticity that electric guitars are legendary for providing. It’s a solid instrument, one that feels good in your hands. It has a smooth grain, a U-shaped curved neck, and all the other features that lend themselves so perfectly to the world-famous aesthetics of the classic electric guitar – the kind you’ve seen hanging from the shoulders of legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix. Every legend started out as a musician with two things: a dream, and a quality electric guitar.

High Value for Your Dollar

The dollar-for-note value of the Ibanez GIO electric guitar deserves to be mentioned repeatedly. I’ve already mentioned the bridge, and how the designer has fixed the most common complaint in existence regarding affordable electric guitars. This guitar was designed for beginners; it’s been built to be consistent, forgiving, and reliable. This is a sign of someone who honestly cares about the integrity of their craftsmanship, who appreciates the value of the service they are providing to the world. The fact that time and effort would be put into improving these already high-quality guitars for the sake of beginner musicians speaks volumes for the regard that the music world has for those just getting started.

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