GreenWorks 25142 Lawn Mower Review

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Owning a lawn mower can be tough work, but with constant maintenance your mower should stay in the best shape possible and have a longer life span. Electric lawn mowers have truly been an innovation that many can stand behind, literally. When mowing your lawn with an electric mower, you are not smelling those awful gas fumes or having to constantly check the oil, add more gas, or restart it by pulling a tough little cord. Electric mowers, like the 25142 from GreenWorks, has cleared the path for more people to achieve their desired lawn.

Description of the 25142

The motor that drives this lawn mower to cut through the toughest grass is a ten amp. Equipped with a sixteen inch deck for cutting, the job can be completed efficiently and in less time than the normal, standard gas push mowers. This mower can cut all types of crass with five different height adjustments ranging from five-eighths of an inch to two and five-eighths of an inch. The back wheels are an inch larger than the front, and the front wheels are six inches. If you’re looking for a mower that can cut and mulch all while collecting the shavings from grass and mulch then the 25142 from GreenWorks is a great option.

The Pros

Many people have reviewed this mower as one of the best electric mowers they have ever used. With the bag catching all of the cut shavings of grass, and an easy to push mower, they are getting their lawns done in half the time of those smelly gas mowers. The catching bag is able to hold more than many consumers anticipated and the mower is more powerful as well. The amount of noise can be considered as faint compared to other mowers in its class. Consumers have reported being able to mow grass without the hassle of grass covering their feet, or having to add more fuel to it to keep it going.

The Cons

A lot of consumers are reporting issues with this mower cutting off or smoking and not working properly. This could be due to the high level of grass or a defect in the mower itself. Other consumers are finding that the deck seems to bog down with grass caught underneath, creating issues when attempting to cut a small to medium yard. Reports of the bolts underneath that hold in the blades being stripped out has also caused problems for many consumers. Once this occurs they have been unable to change the blade or tighten it. Overall, this mower has lasted two to six months before showing signs of defect, according to consumers.

The Conclusion

There are several lawn mowers on the market offered through GreenWorks. Some of them have raving reviews about how this product outdoes their previous and how convenient it is to switch to an electric powered lawn mower. This GreenWorks lawn mower review is based on consumer reports and information detailed in descriptions for this unique mower. It is always recommended that you read the reviews thoroughly before purchasing any product. This could save you time and money, plus hassle when dealing with customer service for returns.