ICE102 Compact Ice Maker Review


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Finally, I Can Make Ice

I’ve been wanting to make ice by my own means for at least a few months now, and just recently I decided to actually purchase an ice maker. There are tons that come with refrigerators and such, but a lot of them lack the efficiency that these ones have. As if that wasn’t good enough, a lot of them aren’t going to actually produce cubes, they’ll just shoot out little chips of ice. Looks can be important in some situations, as ice cubes are called “cubes” for a reason.

Is It Reliable?

Being reliable is a trait that every single ice maker should bring to the table. If it isn’t reliable, there’s no real reason for the product to even be around. Ice makers need to be efficient with the amount of time you’re “wasting” while the ice is made, but the best ones won’t even make it seem like you’re waiting at all. Reliable is somewhat of an understatement in this case, as I’ve been using it for well over 5 months for my own benefits.

Ice Machine Features

Produce up to 26 pounds of ice with this ice maker, and this can be done through 2 different sizes. The 2.3 quart reservoir is enough to fill it with a decent amount of water, so much so that you’ll never need to think of how much ice will actually be produced. It’s an ice maker optimized to create the ice in a very timely manner, and that’s the goal here (when trying to buy an ice machine). Storing up to one and a half pounds of ice at a time, this ice machine will create an entire batch in 6 minutes or so.

The Pro’s

This compact ice maker comes in silver, and will have you enjoying perfectly shaped ice cubes in 6 minutes or less. You can make up to 26 pounds of ice whenever you want to (on a day-to-day basis), and this can be done through two different sizing settings. I liked how I could customize the size of my ice cubes, as well as store up to a maximum of 1.5 pounds of ice every single time I’d like. I’ve been wanting an ice maker for way too long, and I’m happy I finally “scratched that itch”.

The Con’s

There are light indicators on this ice maker, and I’m not sure if it was just faulty wiring, but they didn’t work out of the box for me. I got everything sorted with Amazon and received a brand new one within a few days, and the lights worked at that point.

My Finishing Sentiment

Ice makers might not be thought of as must-have appliance in the kitchen, but it’s an addition that could be used in more than its fair share of ways. You don’t even need to use ice every single day, if you’ve bought a bag before, this will save you money. Saving money isn’t anything new to me, I’m somewhat of a penny pincher. Icemakercubes.com helped me understand what was good and what wasn’t.