Keeping Warm with the Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 Infrared Heater


Do you ever get that feeling that you simply can’t get warm? If so, I feel your pain. During the winter months, which seems an eternity where I live, my current heating bills had been pillaging my bank account, all in the name of warmth. That was until I discovered a cacophony of portable infrared heating systems that are not only great value, but also keep you warm and reduce your electricity bills.

Warmth is not expensive

When seeking out the best infrared heaters on the market, I came across the Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 infrared heater. It had favorable reviews online, so I decided to give it a try, and boy was that an inspired move! What was so impressive with this package was that you received 2 portable heaters that are relatively small and lightweight in size, allowing you to not only move them around the house without busting a vertebrae, but were also easy to store.

Coming equipped with a dark oak wooden casing/cabinet, wheels and remote control, the convenience of this product was self-evident. There are 3 energy saving settings including a 500 watt eco setting, which helps cut down on your electricity bills. This product is able to heat up 2 rooms with sizes up to 1200 square feet, which is quite a lot of scope for such a small heater.

Having 2 such heaters means you can keep one in the living room and another in the bedroom, keeping the vital parts of your house warm at all times. These ultra-efficient heaters are extremely safe and distributed heat evenly throughout my property, just like it said on the box.

Each heater has 4 patented quartz infrared elements, wrapped with a metal heat exchanging coil that generates more warmth than your average heater. This ensures higher BTU output.

Efficient and affordable

There have been many house testing experiments that have shown that this type of heater is much more efficient than a forced air-electric, propane or electric baseboard, while at the same time only using 1400 watts, which is even less than a hair dryer!

Just using the heater for a few days saved me money on my energy bills. Although there are 3 energy saving settings, the eco setting can heat smaller areas to up to 68 degrees, and the best part is that it only uses 500 watts in doing so.

The dark oak wooden casing ensures that the product was always cool to touch, and with the casters was easy to move in rapid time with a minimum amount of effort. I also made the most of the dual timer that allowed me to precisely heat up my house when I needed.

The Verdict

With the rapidly increasing price of my electricity bills in winter, I needed to find one of the best heaters in the marketplace, and with the Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 infrared heater, I literally struck gold. Easy to use, compact to store and transport around your house, these 2 heaters kept my house warm while at the same time dramatically cutting down my electricity bills.