Mocha Pyramid Flame Patio Heater


The wife is a real outdoors sort of person, which is the exact opposite to me really. I enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV, while my wife prefers reading a book on the patio. When summer begins to die away, my wife is forced indoors and begins to take over the remote control for the TV. I just couldn’t have it, so I decided to buy her a portable patio heater as a kind of a peace treaty between lovers.

Reliable features

I love my wife, but hate her TV programs. We operate better as a couple when we do our own thing in the evenings. I needed a solution to keep my wife on the outdoor terrace reading her book so I could watch live sports on TV every night. The patio heater market is a minefield, but with advice from friends and from online reviews, I managed to find the solution to my problems – the Mocha Pyramid Flame patio heater.

Coming with 40,000 BTUs of heat, this stylish heating unit has many unique features such as a visible flame. I took about 20-minutes to set up this product and my wife was extremely happy with me.

With a reliable electronic igniter and a safety auto-shut off tilt valve, this product was not only efficient, but also safe. My wife sat beneath the heater and was as quiet as a mouse for 2 hours straight. Winning result!

Dependable design

The product comes with convenient wheel assembly, and although it has a stainless steel frame, was still easy to move about without busting my spine. The product uses a 20-pound, LPG BBQ tank, so you never need any electricity, only propane.

Kicking out heat in every direction, the wife kept out of my hair on the first evening, and I realized this product was a great investment.

Product benefits

The main benefit of buying this product is completely selfish. This portable patio heater allowed my wife to sit in the back garden reading her book, even during evenings, which meant I could watch as much TV as I wanted without any hassles whatsoever. The lightweight design made it easy to move around the garden.

Product downsides

There were not so many downsides to this product at all. The only main drawback was that it didn’t come with a gas tank, which took me aback. I had to go to the local hardware store and get a BBQ style tank.

The Conclusion

I primarily purchased the Mocha Pyramid Flame patio heater so the wife and I could do our own thing in the evening. I like the TV and she likes reading her book on the garden, so we were both happy with this patio heater.

I found the product was quite powerful with 40,000 BTUs of heat, and with its easy to assemble wheels and propane power, was convenient and cheap to run, just like the wife. I would highly recommend this as it’s imo the best patio heater for sale on the internet, just like so many online reviews suggest, that I found on the internet.