Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic Bread-maker


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There’s an intelligent bread baker in the home kitchen.

And, this baker is a machine; I know, I know, it’s not an engineer turned baker. But, it does have a microprocessor that can control the internal temperatures! That is still pretty impressive, especially when you consider all the other built in features Panasonic put into this smart little guy. There is room for debate if this or the Panasonic SD-2501 is the Panasonic bread maker of the year, which is a very subjective debate, as both have positive and negative traits.


  • Microprocessors that sense the internal temperatures of the dough, baking it evenly.
  • Basic, French, Pizza, pasta, and bake only modes.
  • Medium or XL loaf sizes.
  • Light or dark crusting settings.
  • Non-stick, anti-scratch, diamond fluorine pan that cleans easily.
  • An easy to read LCD screen.
  • Simple to use buttons.
  • Fruit and nut dispenser that evenly mixes during the end of the kneading process.


Just over a foot in height, width, and depth, this unit is simple to store and extremely practical. So much so that it has earned a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. This product comes with a one year limited warranty, which is a good thing as the small plastic unit is not the most durable around. However, Panasonic clearly hasn’t cut corners on the internal components which all appear to be well thought out and made out of higher quality materials.

Positive aspects

This machine requires very little attention during the baking process, especially when cooking basic breads. You need next to no knowledge on baking in order to make a delicious loaf of bread. The cooking manual that is supplied with the unit will walk you through that. The small size could be considered a plus for those who have to work in tighter cooking spaces than others. The multiple setting allow for a little flexibility in creating the most suitable bread for your own personal taste. And the ease of use, promotes a repetition of use when compared to some of the more upscale bread makers on the market.  Then there are those internal sensors, which really do work. Creating the “perfect” flavor is up to you, but you can rest assured that your bread will be baked all the way through.

Negative aspects

It just lacks setting and features when compared to the models that cost nearly twice as much as this unit. Not only that, but those high end units are made out of durable metals instead of plastic and they also have removable/adjustable parts as well. It also costs a bit more than the rest of the Panasonic line up. One can only assume this is because of the more sophisticated parts they went with on this unit in particular. Also, there is no wheat or gluten free setting on this machine; and, if you attempt to make that style of bread it will surely end in disaster.

The verdict

Panasonic might just have what they consider a winner within their own bread making line up, but there are other brands (that can be found on sale for around the same price) which outclass this unit in almost every possible category. The elements where Panasonic has the edge are in size/portability and ease of use. So, if you are just looking for a bread maker that anyone can use, you would be happy with your purchase. But, keep in mind most all the units in the Panasonic line up are not going to turn heads or produce artisan quality baked goods.