Rollibot Robot Vaccum Cleaner Review

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There are some jobs around the house which everyone hates doing. Washing the windows is normally one, emptying the bins another, but the one job that is universally hated is vacuuming. It does not matter how long you do it for, you never seem to be able to get everything clean, and you are then stuck in an endless cycle! Well, what would you say if I told you that there was an easier way? You have probably seen them in 80’s or 90’s films, patrolling the floor in a rather comical way, but I can tell you that robotic vacuums are back with a bang. The technology is better, they clean more thoroughly, and that’s why today we are looking at the Rollibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

What are the features it has?

You might be wondering, and rightly so, what features could there possibly be in a robotic vacuum cleaner? Well, the answer may be more than you think. This cleaner utilizes double sided brushed and high suction power to ensure that all of the dirt that can be collected is being collected. There is also a built in UV sterilizing lamp to kill any rouge bacteria it finds. It has an automatic recharging battery which tops itself up as it does its job around the floor, lasting 100 minutes per charge. Perhaps the most impressive feature though is the vacuums ability to turn itself into a mopping robot!

What are the Positives of the machine?

One of the biggest positives of this machine is its ability to go from hard to soft floor with ease. Some robotic vacuums can struggle to do this, but the Rollibot does not. The suction power is another big positive, as this tiny machine will suck up anything and everything it finds on your floors! Something else that is worth a mention due to its impressiveness is the mopping feature. This is not found on many other similar machines and it makes the Rollibot stand out from the crowd. If you would like to visit an informative website to check out the machine in more detail, then you can do so!

What’s bad about it?

The flaws in this robotic vacuum are very small. They are so small that you will probably not need to pay attention to them, but in the interest of a fair review we will still discuss them. The first complaint is that some customers have found that they have had to do one pre-emptive mop of their room to help the machine out, but this could be more to do with the nature of the person doing the cleaning! Another small complaint relates to a couple of mistakes in the instructions manual, but this is nothing to be too worried about!


Anything that takes some of the load off of a busy person around the house is very welcome, and this is exactly what the Rollibot does. It can make one of the most arduous and boring tasks in the house quick and easy, and this is why you should consider one!