Yamaha EF4500iSE Portable Generator


I took early retirement about 5 years ago, and in that time my wife and I have spent lots of time on the road in our RV, exploring our beautiful country to its fullest extent. One of the things that makes life so great on the road is having a backup power source, just in case we get stuck or don’t quite make it to the campsite. The generator I have been using for past couple of months is the Yamaha EF4500iSE portable generator.

Safe and sound travelling solutions

When you are travelling for many months at a time in your RV, you need products that you can trust to deliver on their promises. Our generator stopped working a couple of months ago so I decided to opt for what is known as one of the best portable generators on the internet – the Yamaha EF4500iSE portable generator

With 4,500 watt maximum, the product was powerful enough for my needs. We routinely travel across the Western states so it was nice to know that the product complied with California Air Resources Board Tier II emissions standards, which many generators in the market do not!

The optional wireless remote control has a stop and start that could be operated from up to 66 feet away, which was impressive. The easy power meter told me the amount of power being used at all times and the amount that was still available to use.

Maximizing efficiency

When I buy products, I always look for something that is cost-effective and efficient to use. The EF4500iSE was created to maximize fuel efficiency and with the minimum amount of noise, so was the perfect power supply companion for our road trips in the RV. We slept easy at night without any unwanted noises to derail our beauty sleep.

The product can run at a low engine speed of 2600rpm to 1000rpm, which really cut down on gasoline usage while at the same time emitting less noise, vibrations and less engine wear and tear. It was the ideal product to power our RV, and easily powered a 15,000 BTU air-conditioner and even a 1000 watt microwave oven. The runtime was up to 7.4 hours at a full rated load.

When I got back to my house, I also realized this product was perfect during power cuts and could keep household appliances going for hours. This product has so many uses, and I can imagine would be an excellent power supply source in times of trouble.

The Verdict

The wife and I spend lots of our time on the road travelling around, so we needed a gas-powered generator that was durable, powerful and cheap to run. The Yamaha EF4500iSE portable generator was very cost effective in terms of its gasoline usage, and was used to perfectly power air-conditioners and our household appliances when we couldn’t reach a campsite.

Not only is this product the ideal accessory for a camping trip, but can also be used as an important backup electricity supply during outages or bad weather.