Storage Area Networks

Storage Area Networking is a Major Component of your overall network.

As an IT organization provides access or communication of their data from the storage level to the server level, Storage Area Networks (SAN's) have become an important "communication backbone" within every organization. In today's environment, the SAN is a major component of the overall network of computing resources for the data center.

Most organizations are building out their SAN's to support:

- Archival & Retrieval
- Backup & Restore
- Data Migration from one storage device to another
- Disk Mirroring

- High Performance Computing
- Server I/O Consolidation
- Sharing Data Amongst Different Servers
- Virtualization


Alliance Technology Group has an extensive history of implementing successful SAN switching architectures that have provided our customers with reliable, scalable and high performing Fibre Channel connectivity required to capitalize on enterprise-wide data sharing and communication. Alliance offers an extensive offering of intelligent SAN switching, directors and routers to connect servers and storage systems in local, campus and global infrastructures. In addition, Alliance also offers the Professional Services capability to assist in the design and implementation of the SAN, with the foal of maximizing efficiency, performance and resiliency, whil optimizing application traffic in the network.

When designing a heterogeneous SAN fabric for our customers, Alliance utilizes the following manufacturers:


- Brocade
- Cisco
- Emulex

- Hitachi
- Oracle
- Q Logic