Two of the Simplest Options to Configure Your Instagram Account

For online entrepreneurs, creating an Instagram account dedicated to your business’ blog is pure genius. With the billions of daily activity on the social network, you just grabbed an opportunity to expose your business to a pool of people worldwide.

Creating an account on Instagram simply covers a basic step, however. You still need to establish a solid connection between your Instagram account and your blog.

Here are your options.

1: Manage Your Account Manually

First, consider doing it the old-fashioned way: manually.

Sign up for an Instagram account, switch to a business profile, and then link that account to your blog. Afterward, create a series of post-worthy content, save it on your computer, and upload it on specific periods.

A recommendation is to socialize with the Instagram community, especially with those members who are interested in your niche. You may follow them, send them “Welcome!” messages, and like and comment on their posts.

Doing that will increase traffic. And as traffic increases, so will brand awareness, customer engagement, conversion rates, and more.

2: Work with a Growth Service

But although it is effective, manually configuring your Instagram account can be exhausting and time-consuming. Remember, you need to do all the work and oversee it all the time to ensure a seamless process.

Plus, manual configuration is a relatively slow way to grow your Instagram account. Manually doing the work means your growth is only as fast as your pace.

So if manual work is off the table, another option is to work with a growth service for Instagram. A growth service will handle your Instagram account in an automated manner.

After a successful account creation and link establishment, it’s time to let a growth service provider do its magic from that point onward. It can auto-follow, auto-respond or auto-message, auto-like, and auto-post comments on your behalf.

And where posts are concerned, you can allow a growth service to work around a schedule — your schedule. What you do is upload a series of post-worthy content to a growth service’s network, and then set the days when you want it to post your uploaded content for you.


So take your pick of option on how to configure your Instagram account. Either way is effective — with one option (#2) having an advantage over the other.

And regardless of your choice, the important thing is to maximize the potential of an Instagram account. Other ways to make the most out of an Instagram account include using hashtags, tweaking your profile, making your captions SEO-friendly, and more!