What Causes Neck pain at The Office?

We have all experienced pain in the neck after sitting in front of the computer for a long period. You know how this comes about – you have a project whose deadline is in a few hours, and all you are focused on is to make great progress. The next thing you know is that you have sat at the computer for ages in the same position. As you attempt to move, you realize that the neck is sore and stiff, and it comes with a slight headache. There might be a few factors that may have caused this pain.

Poor Posture

Maintaining a proper posture is one of the important aspects of preventing the development of neck pain while at your desk. Sitting for long can lead to significant strain in the neck and upper shoulders.

Working in the same position makes the muscles to work harder to maintain this position for all this time.

The solution to this kind of pain is to limit the period of sitting at the desk to between 20 and 30 minutes, then take some time to move and stretch. Additionally, make sure that your chair supports the body the right way. When you have the choice, go for a chair that is adjustable, and that can accommodate a variety of body types.

Wrong Desk setup

Your desk is a critical component of the workstation, but when it is poorly set up, it contributes so much to the way you work the right way. The desk needs to be at the right height so that you reach the work surface easily with the arms bent at 90 degrees. The desk also ought to be wide enough to hold the computer, mouse, keyboard and other materials.

The monitor should be a distance away to prevent any eye strain.

Monitor Setup

The computer monitor also contributes to neck pain, especially if it is not properly placed and when you work for long. You need to set it at a point below eye level to make it easy for you to maintain a neutral spine position at all times.

The Bottom-line

Neck pain in the workplace can be debilitating, and it affects the way you work. With so many reasons attributed to the pain, it becomes vital that you find a solution fast. Read this article to understand the need for cervical traction devices at work. These devices help relieve the tension that has built up in the neck over time.