What is the difference between the original and replica watches?

All Internet dazzles with a subject about copies of the Swiss watch today. Not everyone is able to afford to buy the expensive original Swiss watch, and here for $200-300, practically, everyone is able to afford itself(himself) the copy! But whether it makes a sense to pay this money? Who can guarantee that these copies really high-quality and correspond to the original both inside and outside?

What is the copy of expensive Swiss watch?

It is the exact copy of the original, made according to all visual and technical characteristics of this Swiss watch. The high-quality copy of watches so accurately copies the original that to distinguish such replica in power only to the professional watchmaker. The example of high-quality replica can be seen in online store elitereplicawatch.nl: Rolex replica Swiss watches. (There you can find practically all Swiss brands. All copies are made in the European countries and the prices are lower than at competitors.) And the main thing – such watches shall be brought to you only after their complete survey and test. Besides, you are given the right to check the purchase, which means that you have all rights as the consumer. It is important as very often online stores sell the goods and aren’t responsible for anything.

All Swiss watch is marked by the following texts of “Swiss made”, “Suisse”, “Fabrique en Suisse“, “Quality Suisse”. If the mechanism meets all requirements and standards and final assembly was made in then such watches are marked by the word “Swiss”.

Chinese captivated our markets by cheap counterfeits of hours which both visually and technically don not maintain any criticism. As production of such hours is completely automated, practically each copy has the visual or technical defect, production mass and rough – from here and low quality. 80% of all assortments of hours as in shops, on layouts, and on the Internet are made in China! The European copies are on sale very seldom, but they can be found. They are made in Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and are more expensive than Chinese, but is many chooses cheaper than the original.

The uniqueness of high-quality replicas is that in many of them used original Swiss mechanisms. The European copies are made of high-quality wear-resistant alloys, steel. Instead of gemstones visual analogs – cubic zirconium are used. Gold backing is imitated by a special gold dusting of IPG. The mechanism of such watches is marked by a text of “Swiss”.